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EasyGen-3500XT P1 & P2

easYgen-3000XT Series

Paralleling Genset Controllers for Diverse Applications



The easYgen-3000XT Series controllers operate gensets of all sizes and applications. These controllers include specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, circuit breaker, and the utility where applicable. This technology allows standardizing on a single, affordable genset controller for distributed power generation applications. These applications can range from single stand-alone emergency backup power to parallel load sharing of multiple gensets in complex, segmented distribution systems with multiple utility feeds and tie breakers.

The easYgen-3000XT Series paralleling genset controllers provide exceptional versatility and value for OEM switchgear builders, generator packagers, and system integrators.

Benefits include:  

High Flexibility and Reduced Efforts for variants at different applications. One devise fits most applications

Saves Cost of additional PLC as logical/analog operations can be handled by the control’s LogicsManagerTM / AnalogManagerTM 

High Robustness against external disturbances ensured by galvanic isolation of the measuring inputs, relay contacts, biasing outputs, and communication interfaces

Simplified Configuration and Commissioning through Ethernet and USB connectivity, on-board documentation and system update function

Drop-In Replacement extends system longevity

Full Mains, Generator, and Engine Protection minimizes additional protection relays in low voltage applications

14 Built-In Languages enable your genset to speak your local language at the touch of a button

easYgen-3500XT-P1: The Package 1 "Complex Paralleling" door-mounted model includes all the features of the easYgen-3200XT-P1 variant plus provision for redundant Ethernet load share communication capability and connectivity to up to 16 Woodward LS-5 circuit breaker controls. This allows control of complex distribution systems having multiple utility feeds and tie breakers, and parallel load sharing of up to 32 generators on up to 32 different bus segments. Back panel mounting variant (easYgen-3400XT-P1) with remote panel support and low temperature variant (easYgen-3500XT-P1-LT) are also available. (Availability: Ready to Order)

easYgen-3500XT-P2: The Package 2 "Co-Gen/CHP" door-mounted model mimics the features of the easYgen-3500XT-P1 variant and offers an expanded onboard discrete and analog I/O set plus an expansion card slot for an additional interface/protocol. Back panel mounting variant (easYgen-3400XT-P2) with remote panel support and low temperature variant (easYgen-3500XT-P2-LT) are also available. (Availability: Ready to Order)


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